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Printable posters

Decorate your home with minimalist posters of the cities that have impacted your life. Frame maps of cities you’ve always wanted to visit. Personalize your poster with a personal message, date or gps coordinates to make this moment memorable. Maps are very detailed with 5 line thicknesses and very good quality.



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Download free and very detailed wallpaper, in black or white for your digital devices. Put this wallpaper on your computer or phone to remind you of all the good memories you’ve had there or to take you to the city of your dreams.


Available for all Smartphone, Desktop and Tablet.

Choose a custom message to remind you of a special memory you’ve had somewhere. Order a city already available with a special message, date or gps coordinates. You’ll receive your personalized wallpaper for all your devices in one day for the price of a coffee.


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About us

The Story

As an architecture student, I have always loved to create and use my imagination. During the lockdown being stuck at home without being able to go out, discover, travel and enjoy, I started to create wallpapers of city maps to keep myself busy. I chose cities that I dreamed of visiting, and others that brought back important memories of my life. So I would put them in the background of my different devices to always keep them in mind. 

Then, as more and more friends were asking me to send them my wallpapers, I decided to create a website in order to reference all my wallpapers and allow anyone to keep the memory of a city thanks to the wallpaper of their devices.

My wallpapers are free and very detailed, available for all smartphone, desktop and tablet in black or white.